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10 Benefits of Swimming as a sport

Swimming, in many places and for many people, is an underrated sport. It is extremely beneficial to your overall health and, contrary to popular belief, requires serious athleticism and agility.

Here are 10 reasons to consider swimming as your next sporting endeavour

1) Swimming is a low impact sport meaning it takes the stress of major joints and body parts while still keeping your heart rate up
2) Swimming is one of the best ways to build endurance and muscle strength as there is more force in the water than you may think (or feel).
3) Swimming provides an overall body workout where no body part is left unworked.
4) Swimming has proven to help and improve both flexibility and posture.
5) Swimming can help you stay active and healthy and rehabilitate injuries.
6) Swimming may even make you smarter! An Australian study showed that kids who took up swimming scored better academically than their non-aquatic peers.
7) Sunrises! Yes, that is correct, swimmers see 90% more sunrises than the rest of the population as they are up early to practice and train.
8) Swimming helps you sleep. Not just because you are up early enough to see the sunrise but also because it helps tire out your body and has helped improve the sleep of adults with insomnia.
9) Swimming is a great team exercise and sport; it is a great sport option for kids and adults alike who may not be athletic in the traditional sense of the word
10) Swimming can be affordable (though some of the more advanced competitive swimmers may disagree) and can be a more financially friendly alternative to other competitive sports.

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